What Is Topical in Cultural Heritage: Content-based Retrieval Among Folksong Tunes

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The WITCHCRAFT project sets as its objective to develop a fully functional content-based retrieval system for folksong melodies stored as audio and notation, building on the best practices of Music Information Retrieval research. Its most important goals are:

  • the design of music similarity measures that are based on models of music cognition and perception;
  • the creation of a search tool that is integrated in the Nederlandse Liederenbank and provides access for scholars and the general public to the folksong collection of Onder de Groene Linde, taking into account the problem of oral variation;
  • to support the testing of hypotheses about oral transmission of folk songs;
  • to design a music information retrieval system that is suitable for other large music collections.

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  • the CATCH programme (Continuous Access To Cultural Heritage)

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