The Generic Haskell compiler

From this page you can download the Generic Haskell compiler.

Given a file with definitions of type-indexed functions, kind-indexed kinds, or type-indexed data types, the Generic Haskell compiler generates Haskell code for the instances of these functions on the data types that occur in the input file.

NEW: Emerald release with Generic Views for Generic Types, April, 2008

The Emerald release extends generic views to generic types (type-indexed types). Generic type definitions are no longer limited to the standard sum of products view. For an example look at the generic zipper implementation included in the distribution.

Diamond release, April, 2007

The Diamond release supports the use of generic views in the definition of generic functions.

Coral release, Jan 14, 2005

The Coral release supports Dependency-style syntax for generic functions and type signatures.

Note that this version doesn't build with GHC 6.4.x. To build with GHC 6.4.x you have to obtain the source from svn.

Special thanks to Daan Leijen for testing the Windows installer.

Beryl release, Jul 5, 2002

Unofficial XML Generic Programming Course version, Mar 25, 2002

Amber release, Nov 1, 2001

Polyp is a predecessor of Generic Haskell.

Report bugs to bugs@generic-haskell.org

For information contact info@generic-haskell.org