This workshop aims to address both theoretical and practical issues related to developing and deploying multi-agent systems. From a theoretical point of view, theories, methodologies, models and approaches are needed to facilitate the development of multi-agent systems ensuring their predictability and verifications. Moreover, formal declarative models and approaches have the potential of offering solutions satisfying the needs for specifying and design of multi-agent systems. From a practical point of view, LADS aims to address how multi-agent system specifications or designs can be effectively implemented and tested. To address such issues, the workshop promotes the discussion and exchange of ideas concerning concepts, methodologies, techniques and principles that are important for multi-agent programming technology. Moreover, contributions that combine theoretical aspects with practical ones are gaining more and more attention in important application areas such as the electronic institutions, semantic web, web services, security, grid computing, ambient intelligence, pervasive computing, and electronic contracting. We encourage the submission of original papers in any of the areas listed below. Topics of interest Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the ones below: