Accepted Papers

  1. A Dialogic Dimension for the MOISE+ Organizational Model,
    Alexandre Hübner, Graçaliz Dimuro and Antonio Carlos Costa

  2. OperettA: Organization-Oriented Development Environment,
    Virginia Dignum and Huib Aldewereld

  3. ACRE: Agent Communication Reasoning Engine,
    David Lillis and Rem Collier

  4. From Signed Information to Belief in Multi-Agent Systems,
    Laurent Perrussel, Emiliano Lorini and Jean-Marc Thévenin

  5. Towards efficient multi-agent abduction protocols,
    Gauvain Bourgne, Katsumi Inoue and Nicolas Maudet

  6. Validation of Agile Workflows using Simulation,
    Kai Jander, Lars Braubach, Alexander Pokahr and Winfried Lamersdorf

  7. JaCa-Android: An Agent-based Platform for Building Smart Mobile Applications,
    Andrea Santi, Marco Guidi and Alessandro Ricci

  8. Exploiting Agent-Oriented Programming for Building Advanced Web 2.0 Applications,
    Mattia Minotti, Alessandro Ricci and Andrea Santi

  9. Using HDS for Realizing Multi-Agent Applications,
    Federico Bergenti, Enrico Franchi and Agostino Poggi