ICS/SIKS Symposium on

Artificial Normative Systems

Utrecht, The Netherlands, 18 September 2007



In the last years normative systems have received a great deal of attention from a number of communities ranging from computer science to philosophy, legal and social theory.

On the one hand, computer science is now aiming at the development of more and more complex and autonomous computer systems which call for forms of meta-systems with regulating and controlling functions. On the other hand, philosophical disciplines are now trying to systematically address key notions in the understanding of social agency, e.g., "norm", "intention", "obligation".

Aim of the symposium is to bring together leading researchers from both two areas (the computer-science and the philosophical ones) in order to exchange points of view and stimulate scientific cooperation on the issue of normative systems.

The symposium is organized in cooperation with SIKS (Dutch Research School for Information and Knowledge Systems). The symposium is a SIKS masterclass and, as such, it is part of the Advanced Components Stage of SIKS' educational program. Therefore, SIKS-phd-students are strongly encouraged to participate.



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