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Onderwijs:Het vak INFOEBU wordt in 2020/2021 niet aangeboden.
Nota bene:Er is geen recente vakbeschrijving beschikbaar.
Onderstaande tekst is een oude vakbeschrijving uit collegejaar 2019/2020
Inhoud:E-business stands for realizing digital transactions and processes within an organization, with the support of information systems in the organization. In this course the focus is largely on digital (commercial) transactions between organizations and between organizations and individuals.

Digital transactions include all transactions where digital technology is used to realize the transaction. These are largely transactions that take place on the Internet, the web and / or via mobile apps. Digital transactions relate to the exchange of value of (non-)monetary objects between organizations or between organizations and individuals. The course comprises five main learning objectives. After completing the course, the student will:

  • have knowledge of e-business business models, their technology, and relevance for organizations
  • be able to develop innovative, technology-driven, e-business ideas
Furthermore, based on self-developed e-business ideas, the student will be able to:
  • design value hierarchies and substantiate design decisions
  • design (multi-actor) value networks and substantiate design decisions, as well as analyze already designed value networks and assess them in a differentiated manner
  • deal with computer-based tools for the design of value hierarchies and networks in a competent manner
Details about the grading norms of the course and conditions for passing can be found on the Grading criteria page.
Inspanningsverplichting voor aanvullende toets:Om aan de aanvullende toets te mogen meedoen moet de oorspronkelijke uitslag minstens 4 zijn.