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Responsible ICT

Course code:INFOMRICT
Credits:7.5 ECTS
Period:period 1 (week 36 through 45, i.e., 3-9-2020 through 6-11-2020; retake week 1)
Participants:up till now 12 subscriptions
Schedule:Official schedule representation can be found in MyTimetable
innovatie          Sergio España Cubillo
Jens Gulden
lecture          Sergio España Cubillo
Jens Gulden

Responsible ICT focuses on the social and environmental, positive and negative impacts of ICT, and introduces ethical reflections on all the stages of the ICT lifecycle. Humanity is facing outstanding challenges in ensuring world-wide peace, managing global exchange of people and goods without health risks, reducing poverty while increasing equity and inclusion, minimising climate change, and redesigning the socio-economic system so it contributes to good life for all within planetary boundaries.

ICT is often included as a key ingredient in recipes proposed as solutions to the challenges. The course covers theories and skills that will allow students to deepen into the interrelation between ICT, society and the natural environment to critically assess the roles ICT plays both at the organisational and systemic levels, its capability to be part of the solution, and also the trade-offs it entails.

The intended learning objectives (ILOs) are:

ILO1: Make argumentations on the interrelation between Ethics and ICT and get familiar with methods for systematic elicitation and mitigation of ethical conflicts

ILO2: Reflect on how ICT influences and is influenced by values at the individual, professional, organisational, economic, and societal levels

ILO3: Analyse human values using the Q-Sort method, in the context of Responsible ICT

ILO4: Analyse life-cycle, enabling and structural impacts of ICT and the social, economic and environmental trade-offs among them

ILO5: Analyse papers and projects by positioning them within the landscape of Responsible ICT and assessing their sustainability maturity

ILO6: Conduct research on Responsible ICT themes, as well as write and review papers that report on the results

Literature:Will be announced during the course. The students should be prepared to read the recommended course material and review additional literature by themselves.
Course form:The course is a seminar and it consists of lectures, workshops, student presentations, and a paper project. It also has a final exam supported by Remindo. We will facilitate the students learning process.
Exam form:

Component, weight

Final exam, 20%

Students lecture, 20%

Paper project, 35%

Workshop assignments, 15%

Individual performance, 10%

Each of this components is further decomposed, but this will be explained in the course.

Minimum effort to qualify for 2nd chance exam:Om aan de aanvullende toets te mogen meedoen moet de oorspronkelijke uitslag minstens 4 zijn.