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Computing science project proposal

Course code:INFOMCOSC1
Credits:15 ECTS
Period:Possible in any periode individually
Participants:up till now 41 subscriptions
Schedule:Official schedule representation can be found in MyTimetable
coordinatie          Marjan van den Akker
Contents:Master thesis projects are split in two phases of 15 + 25 EC, which we will refer to as Phase-1 and Phase-2.


To be allowed to start with the thesis project, you must:
  1. have obtained at least 67.5 EC.
  2. have given a presentation for the Computing Science colloquium, or will give it within one month. (from September 2021, have given a presentation for the Computing Science colloquium)
  3. have attended at least 25 Computing Science colloquia (if you started before Sept. 2016, note that in total you need, among other things, 30x attendance to complete your colloquium part).


You are required to apply for approval of your research project by submitting an application via OSIRIS Student. After logging in, please select ‘My Cases’, ‘Start Case’ and then ‘Research Project GSNS’. Important:

  • After submitting your application, it will be forwarded to your supervisor, the master’s programme coordinator, the board of examiners and student affairs for checks and approvals. After approval of your project it will be automatically registered in OSIRIS. If something needs to be amended, you will be notified by email.
  • In order to apply completely and correctly, you must have discussed the project setup with your intended project supervisor beforehand! We advise you to study the application form prior to discussing it with your supervisor, or fill it out together, to make sure you obtain all of the information required.
  • Also ensure that you have included a second examiner (UU staff member, strongly recommended to be in one of the COSC groups if your first supervisor is not).
  • Make sure that the coordinator receives your form as soon as possible but within four weeks from start
  • Exceptions on the starting conditions are only possible after approval of the COSC coordinator. You have to contact the COSC coordinator about this before submitting your application. Applications not meeting the starting conditions without discussion with the coordinator may be disapproved.

Mention in the Application Form (included in the Case), when the Phase-1 and Phase-2 are expected to end.

For more information on procedures see here.

There is no need to register your participation in Osiris.


Thesis is in principle in the area of your track:

  • Programming technology
  • Algorithm design and analysis
  • Advanced planning and decision making
  • Algorithmic data analysis


  • Your track gives you expertise needed for the thesis
  • Supervisor capacity has been allocated on the basis of student numbers in the tracks


Here you find a list of available supervisors for COSC master theses. The list will be updated on a monthly basis.

  • Supervisors have teaching time and research time
  • For each academic year, the central education planning of the department determines the number of thesis students per supervisor.
  • The list is based on this planning
  • A supervisor who still is below the planned number of students can take any project that matches his/her expertise.
  • Supervisors may as exception supervise additional projects if they find them really interesting (in research time) The higher the load of a supervisor, the lower the probability that he/she will take on additional thesis projects.
  • The groups of Algorithmic Data Analysis (Siebes, Feelders, Krempl, van Ommen) and Data Intensive Systems (Velegrakis, Chekol, Quahtan) are very popular for master's thesis project and therefore very busy. To make sure that the limited capacity is available for students who specialize in the research area of the groups, they only accept COSC students if they did the track ` Algorithmic data analysis'.

Work time

You are advised to work full time (i.e. 5 days per week), but 4 days per week is also allowed. In that case, please note that your project takes 25% more time to finish.

External projects

It is possible to do your thesis project at an external organization, e.g. a company or a government institute. One of the staff members of the department should approve the project and serve as a supervisor. If an external party hosts you as a student, you also need to provide a Work Place Agreement (which is included in your case in OSIRIS Student and can be found here). The project's topic should lie within the domain of at least one of the four tracks within the Computing Science Master Programme. We encourage you to choose a topic that fits your supervisor’s interests and ongoing work closely.

Phase-1 (15 EC)

This phase comprises 10-11 weeks of full-time work and is intended for you to do a preliminary study (usually in the form of literature study), and to propose and plan your research. Importantly, this phase will give a go/no-go decision towards Phase-2. You are expected to deliver a research proposal consisting the following:

  • Introduction and research questions: What is the problem? Illustrate with an example. What is/are your research questions/contributions?
  • Scientific back ground : What is the existing technology and literature that you will be studying/using in my research
  • Societal relevance Why is your research relevant for technology and society?
  • Research methodology. Which approaches, methods, techniques will you be using in your research?
  • Preliminary results What examples can you handle already? Which algorithms, methods have your already found? What prototype have you built? How can you generalize these results? What problems have you identified or do you expect?
  • Timetable and planning What will you do with the remainder of my thesis? Give an approximate estimation/timetable for what you will do and when you will be done.

At the end of Phase-1 the supervisors will make a go/no-go decision . This decision, in terms of pass or not pass, will be entered in Osiris. To help the assessment, there is a Phase-1 Assessment Form available here.

For projects that in November 2019 or later: the assessment is done in OSIRIS Docent and the paper forms cannot be accepted anymore.

Examples of proposals are:

Phase-1 assessment criteria:

  • Scientific quality. This concerns the quality of the literature study, the relevance and impact of the research questions, the merit of proposed research method.
  • Writing skills. This concerns the quality of your writing, use of English, textual structure, and coherence/consistency of your text.
  • Planning. This concerns the clarity and feasibility of the proposed planning.
  • The quality of additional work, if such is required.

Phase-2 (25 EC)

See this website.

Previous thesis projects

If you are curious about previous projects of fellow students, you can find them in the University repository, here.

Minimum effort to qualify for 2nd chance exam:Om aan de aanvullende toets te mogen meedoen moet de oorspronkelijke uitslag minstens 4 zijn.