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Enterprise architecture

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Course code:INFOEAR
Credits:7.5 ECTS
History:This course was formerly known as Enterprise information architecture (INFOEIA). You can only do one of these courses.
Period:period 4 (week 17 through 26, i.e., 26-4-2021 through 2-7-2021; retake week 28)
Participants:up till now 22 subscriptions
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lecture          Nico Brand
Note:No up-to-date course description available.
Text below is from year 2018/2019

The content of the course involves Enterprise Architecture topics such as service oriented architectures, quantitative analysis, business process modelling, simulation, architecture rationales, and business-IT alignment.

The course contents cover the following themes:

    Theme 1: Why enterprise architecture. For the EAR course, the students discuss quantitative and traceability techniques to analyse the organisational landscape. The contents for this theme are:
    • Quantitative architecture
    • Traceability engineering
    Theme 2: How to do enterprise architecture. For this theme, the students discuss a set of methods, frameworks, and languages for enterprise architecture. The focus of this theme is on Archimate and BPMN. The contents for this theme are:
    • EAR methods, frameworks, and languages
    • Modelling and viewpoints
    • Business process model simulation
    • Functional analysis
    Theme 3: EAR in practice. The concepts that have been explored during the course gain significant value when they are reflected in practical applications. The contents for this theme are:
    • EAR in practice: EAR in one case from the private sector
    • Ethics in EAR
    • Competences of enterprise architects and governance

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Minimum effort to qualify for 2nd chance exam:To qualify for the retake exam, the grade of the original must be at least 4.
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