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Colloquium HCI

Course code:INFOCHCI
Credits:3 ECTS
Period:Possible in any periode individually
Participants:up till now 86 subscriptions
Schedule:Official schedule representation can be found in MyTimetable
coordinatie          Anouk Neerincx
Note:No up-to-date course description available.
Text below is from year 2019/2020
Contents:The HCI Colloquium consists of regular meetings in which students interact about their thesis progress or visit presentations about HCI-related theses, topics, or professional experiences. A colloquium meeting typically lasts one or two hours and consists of one or two presentations with room for follow-up discussions. Participation in the HCI Colloquium is one of the requirements to graduate from the HCI program.

To pass the course, you need to have 12 attendance points in total. One of the attendance points will be obtained by presenting your own thesis. Sometimes it is also possible to get attendance points at certain conferences or talks. Ask the HCI Colloquium coordinator for more information (currently, Anouk Neerincx).

All necessary information about the HCI Colloquium can be found on the corresponding Blackboard page, including the schedule, the current state of your attendance points, and regular reminders about upcoming sessions. When you are ready to schedule your own thesis presentation, send a request to the HCI Colloquium coordinator. This request should include the names of your supervisors, a worktitle and an abstract.
Minimum effort to qualify for 2nd chance exam:To qualify for the retake exam, the grade of the original must be at least 4.
Description:Intended learning outcomes.

A student who successfully attends the course:

-    Can clearly present his or her research work to an audience of junior and senior researchers in information science

-    Can orally contribute to the scientific discussion after the presentation of a topic in information science 

-    Gained a broad perspective on the HCI work field

When you have made your presentation and collected all attendance points, contact the HCI Colloquium coordinator by communicating your name and student ID to get your ECs registered.