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Strategisch management van organisaties en ICT

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Historie:Dit vak is de opvolger van Strategisch management org.ontwikkeling en ICT (INFOSMOI). Je kunt maar een van beide vakken voor je examen opvoeren
Inhoud:To achieve competitive advantage, organizations have to continuously improve their business strategy and align management domains accordingly. In this course, the field of business and IT strategy will be dealt with both theoretically and practically. The main part of the course consists of a simulated business setting, i.e. a management game. Teams of 5 or 6 students (depending on the size of the total group) will compete with each other during 5 weeks (i.e. quarters), experiencing all aspects of running a company in a complex and competitive environment. Obviously, teams with high market shares, turnover and profits will attain high status within the game. The winning team however, will be the team that performs well on all business domains and achieves the highest level of alignment.

Note that during the first two weeks of this course we intensively work with the Ward & Peppard book. This is rounded in week 8 by a (multiple choice) midterm exam. You must pass this midterm exam in order to qualify for participation in the business game of this course!!

Literatuur:John Ward & Joe Peppard: "Strategic Planning for Information Systems", Wiley Series in Information Systems, 3rd Edition, ISBN: 0-470-84147-8
Werkvorm:A workshop setting is organized during the first two weeks on Thursday, to exercise the Ward and Peppard chapters.

From week 9 on, we run a business game and you will be occupying a management function in your company, for example the Chief Executive Office, Chief Information Officer or Chief Production & Logistics. Teams consists typically of five to six students.

At the end of week 8 you need to apply for one of the management functions. Teams will be formed by the supervisors of this course, i.e. you cannot influence this! Prepare that you probably will be joined with students you never cooperated with before.

As a team, you outline the business strategy and its managerial parts, write business and IT project plans, publish annual reports, launch a corporate webiste, do company presentations, make/deliver production plans, etcetera. All game activities will take place on Thursdays from week 9 on, and will occupy you and your team the full day between 9 AM and 5 PM! Strict deadlines apply for delivering team input per quarter of the simulation game.

The Tuesday lectures (15.15-17.00) provide theoretical reflection and feedback on the results.

Toetsvorm:Your grade for the course consists of your grade for the midterm exam (30%) and your grade for the business game (70%). The midterm exam concerns a multiple choice exam on the theory in the first three weeks and your business game grade depends on your individual and team performance during the game. You need to pass the midterm exam in order to qualify for participation in the business game. Further details on the course website.
Inspanningsverplichting voor aanvullende toets:To qualify for a re-test the first grade should be 4 or higher.