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Studiepunten:7.5 ECTS
Historie:Dit vak is de opvolger van Internetprogrammeren (INFOINP). Je kunt maar een van beide vakken voor je examen opvoeren
Periode:periode 3 (week 6 t/m 15, d.w.z. 8-2-2021 t/m 16-4-2021; herkansing week 27)
Deelnemers:tot nu toe 198 inschrijvingen
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Internet is the most relevant information technology of our age. World Wide Web is its most important application. In this course we will learn the architecture of WWW, its main protocols, representation formats and development technologies. The practical component of the course will focus on the design and implementation of Web applications. Additional topics such as Semantic Web, Social Web and Adaptive Web will help us better understand current trends of Web development.

Course material is roughly divided into 4 learning units:

  1. Client representation (Lectures 1-3),
  2. Client programming (Lectures 4-8),
  3. Server programming (Lectures 9-13),
  4. Trends of Web Development (Lectures 14-16).


The course does not have a compulsory textbook. We will use a variety of online resources to learn about course topics. Every lectures will be accompanied by links to relevant online reading material. Besides, general pointers to high-quality online documentation repositories will be provided. The nature of the subject of Web technology dictates constant evaluation of knowledge. Online information resources can cope with such knowledge fluidity much better than published textbooks. Being able to find a relevant piece of information in those resources has become a part of the expertise one has to acquire when learning Web technologies.


Lectures. Most of the course material is delivered through standard lectures accompanied by PowerPoint slides. Lectures take place twice a week. After each lecture, its slides are made available on the course page.

Practical classes. Practical classes follow the lectures and are conducted by teaching assistants. They can help you find answers to practical questions and progress with your homework assignments.

Homework assignments. Homework assignments are set out to help you practice knowledge acquired during lectures. They are done in groups of 3. You are responsible for forming your group. Homework will gradually develop, thus you will be able to reuse and develop your code throughout the course. Keep in mind, that assignment 3 is much more challenging than the first two. You are given enough time to complete it, make sure to start using this time as soon as possible.

Exams. The course has two main exams: the midterm and the final. The midterm covers the material of the first 8 lectures. The final covers the last 8. Both exams are digital; you will take them in the UU assessment system Remindo. Both exams are closed books. You will have 100 minutes to answer exam questions, if you are a student registered for an extra time during exams, you will have 120 minutes. Some exam questions are more practical, and some will verify your knowledge of important concepts and facts.


Three group-based practical assignments will cover 50% of the course grade. The other 50% will be covered by the two exams. The course grade is computed as follows:

  • Assignment 1: 10%
  • Assignment 2: 15%
  • Assignment 3: 25%
  • Midterm: 25%
  • Final: 25%

Inspanningsverplichting voor aanvullende toets:The retake exam can be used as a substitute for either the midterm or the fi nal exam. If you miss one of the exams (AANV grade) or score too low on them and get a course grade between 4.0 and 5.5, you are eligible for a retake.