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Helium is a functional programming language (a subset of Haskell) and a compiler designed especially for teaching. The main developers and initiators are Arjan van IJzendoorn, Rijk Jan van Haaften, Bastiaan Heeren and Daan Leijen. Currently, Jurriaan Hage, Bastiaan Heeren and Arie Middelkoop maintain the compiler and associated tools. For more information about Helium contact us.

At this moment, version 1.7 is under construction, with a focus on improving the usability and consistency of the system. Preliminary versions of the sources can be found under Downloads.

The following modifications have been made
  • compiles with GHC 6.8.1 and 6.8.2
  • additional compiler flags
  • after-install tests were developed as bugs in the installation phase were discovered
  • texthint is now improved and supports compiler flags. Same goes for Hint.
  • add configuration files for helium related settings to be used by Hint and texthint
  • support for switching between versions of Helium
  • allow special alert compilations easily from Hint and texthint (--alert or :a options).
  • new documentation consistent with version 1.7

The schedule for the coming period is:

  • check documentation consistency
  • construct binary installers
  • bug fix type inferencer
  • add type classes in full

Longer term:

  • and extend Helium further to support full Haskell 98.
  • change the back-end. The LVM has bugs and there is currently no support available.
  • couple Helium to a graphical library, e.g., wxHaskell or GTK2hs.

If you think you can do something for us on the above, please contact us.

-- JurriaanHage - 12 Nov 2008
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