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vacature: hoogleraar - 4 Full Professors in Information and Computing Sciences

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de baan

korte omschrijving :

You are an outstanding candidate with expertise in Information and Computing Science, your aim is to further develop your own research and research group, you are motivated to teach and willing to contribute to a supportive, collaborative work environment.

You invigorate and enrich the scope of expertise of our department. You are expected to further develop your research and group by acquiring funding for research, in particular by bringing in new PhD candidates, developing new research collaborations and new application areas.

You have teaching experience and the ambition to further develop your teaching and our curricula. You enjoy taking part in the further development of the department to a workplace that is supportive and inclusive, in addition to leading in Information and Computing Sciences in the Netherlands and internationally. You have a collaborative attitude and a well-developed view on leadership. You show professional and personal interest in your co-workers and group members and you consider it important to support them in their research and teaching ambitions.

Preferred areas of expertise are Data Science, Information Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Technologies for Games. However, your quality is leading, so if you have another area of expertise you are also encouraged to apply.

kwalificaties :
Ideally your eligibility is exemplified by:
  • a PhD in Computer Science, Information Science or another relevant discipline;
  • track record of international publications in leading conferences and journals;
  • experience with supervision of PhD projects;
  • experience with and opportunity for acquiring external research funds;
  • a well-known role model in your field of expertise, a demonstrable active role in international scientific communities;
  • a vision on future research directions in your own area of expertise as well as computer science as a whole.
  • enthusiasm for teaching and student supervision;
  • ability to teach in BSc and MSc programmes;
  • experience in and aspiration for further development of courses and programmes;
  • well-developed didactic skills.
  • well-developed interpersonal and communication skills;
  • experience in and a personal view on how to lead a group of scientists and create and sustain a supportive, collaborative work environment;
  • eagerness to play an active and collaborative role in the department, the university and with external companies;
  • eagerness to participate in the further development of the department.

Since we are looking for a broad spectrum of possible candidates, we also encourage you to apply if you do not (yet) meet all of the listed qualifications.

We are aiming for a more diverse staff in the department. In view of our current gender balance, we strongly encourage qualified women to apply. The Faculty of Science, as well as Utrecht University as a whole, strongly stimulate diversity and inclusion within education, research, and the organisation.

arbeidsvoorwaarden :
een aanstelling als hoogleraar A (zie overzicht).
Salaris max € 7659 (schaal HA, CAO Nederlandse Universiteiten, bij een 100% aanstelling);

You are offered a tenured position, preferably for 80% or 100%. Initially the appointment as full professor is for five years with an evaluation after that period. The appointment for five years is a formality that applies to everybody for whom this is the first appointment as a full professor. In case you would not fulfil the requirements of a full professor after five years, you would keep your appointment, but in the rank of an associate professor while keeping the same salary.

Salary depends on qualifications and experience, and ranges between €5,334 and € 7,666 (scale H2 Collective Labour Agreement Dutch Universities) gross per month for a full-time employment. In case of proven outstanding performance a higher salary may be offered (salary scale H1, max. € 9375,- gross per month). The salary is supplemented with a holiday bonus of 8% and an end-of-year bonus of 8.3% per year. We offer flexible employment conditions, working-from-home facilities, partially paid parental leave, a pension scheme, and collective insurance schemes.

Facilities for sports and child care are available on our campus, which is only 15 minutes away from the historical city center of Utrecht. You’ll find more information about working at Utrecht University here.

The university strongly supports personal development, for example by offering leadership courses. The university is also proud of its teaching development programmes, including Educate-it, the Centre for Academic Teaching and its well-developed programmes for Basic and Senior Teaching Qualifications.

We offer excellent candidates the opportunity to bring (people in) their current research group to Utrecht.

de vacature

meer informatie kan verkregen worden bij :
prof. dr. J.T. Jeuring

opmerkingen :
Please refer to the university vacancy page and search with keyword Computing to find more information.

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