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prof. dr. J. van Leeuwen (em.)

personnel directoryArtificial IntelligenceAlgorithmic Systems → prof. dr. J. van Leeuwen (em.)

full name:   prof. dr. J. van Leeuwen (em.)
first name: Jan
mail: J.vanLeeuwen1@uu.nl
office : BBL-505
telephone : +31 (30) 253 4001
faxnumber : +31 (30) 253 2804
secretary: +31 (30) 253 4116
division: Artificial Intelligence
group:Algorithmic Systems
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visit me         mail address      
Universiteit Utrecht
Department of Information and Computing Sciences
Buys Ballot Laboratory, office 505
Princetonplein 5, De Uithof
3584 CC Utrecht
PO Box 80.089
3508 TB Utrecht
The Netherlands

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