The OperettA is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) developed to support the design, analysis and development of agent organizations using the OperA Conceptual framework and methodology. It is intended to support software engineers and developers in both developing and documenting the various aspects of specifying and designing a multi-agent organization.


OperettA is developed as a plug-in feature of Eclipse. To run OperettA you require an installation of Eclipse of version 3.5 or newer (i.e., Galileo or Helios). To install OperettA, please use our update site:

Using the download site: Open Eclipse, select "Install New Software" in the "Help" menu, and insert the URL mentioned above. Select the elements you want to install and follow the instructions on screen.

The development of OperettA was made possible thanks to fundings of the EU FP-7 Project ALIVE, and is developed as open source. The sources can be found at Checkout the sources using the following address: and select the net.sf.ictalive.operetta[.check,,, .edit, .editor, .modeltracker, .ontology, .psdeditor] projects.

A partial tutorial (only covering OperettA and organisation modelling) is available here. If you are interested in the integration of ALIVE tools, the entire ALIVE toolset, and/or the ALIVE toolset tutorials, please visit the ALIVE website.

A brief tutorial video is available here (31 Mb).


Some examples of OperA Organization Models are presented below:

  • Conference: an OM of the conference organisation. (EASSS 2010 documentation)
  • Thales_Evacuation: OM of Dutch Crisis Management organisation (w.r.t. flooding evacuations)
  • TMT: OM of Information Kiosk system for the city of Barcelona
  • CJ: (simple) OM of Internet/Service-based messaging platform


  1. Virginia Dignum: A Model for Organizational Interaction: Based on Agents, Founded in Logic. PhD dissertation, Universiteit Utrecht. SIKS dissertation series 2004-1, 2004.
  2. Huib Aldewereld and Virginia Dignum: OperettA: Organizational-Oriented Development Environment. In Proceedings of the International Workshop on LAnguages, methodologies, and Development tools for multi-agent Systems (LADS'010), to appear in LNCS, 2010.
  3. OperettA: A prototype tool for the design, analysis and developement of multi-agent organization.
  4. Designing MAS orgnisation through an integrated MDA/Ontology Approach.
  5. EASSS 2010: OperA Tutorial
  6. EASSS 2011:
    1. Day 1: Introduction to Organizations and the OperA framework.
    2. Day 2: Organization Aware Agents.
    3. Day 2: Applications and Challenges (zip of 170 meg, containing pptx with embedded videos; or pdf with just the slides)

Old version

MetaEdit version: prototype and documentation (no longer supported!)