XComprez - A compressor for XML documents

XComprez is a compressor for XML documents. It assumes the input document is valid according to a given DTD. Since the DTD is known, it is possible to use knowledge about the DTD when compressing a document. Preliminary results show that XComprez compresses 25-50% better than XMill (see also gnosis), the most advanced publicly available XML compressor I know of.

Here is a paper describing XComprez and other XML tools.

Download XComprez

You can download XComprez from here. In order to use XComprez, you will have to install Generic Haskell and HaXml, which is distributed with most Haskell interpreters/compilers.

We also added Huffman coding to XComprez, and the (preliminary) program files and documentation can be downloaded.

For information contact info@generic-haskell.org