Generic Haskell

Conclusions/Minutes Kick off days, October 23 - 26, 2000

People present: Frank Atanassow (FA), Roland Backhouse (RCB), Ralf Hinze (RH), Patrik Jansson (PJ), Johan Jeuring (JJ), Andres Löh (AL), Doaitse Swierstra (SDS), Eelco Visser (EV), Jan de Wit (JdW).

Notes by Roland Backhouse and Johan Jeuring

Monday, October 23

Tuesday, October 24

Wednesday, October 25

Thursday, October 26

We discussed many organisational matters; here is the list:

Questions we have to discuss are: should we try to focus on Generic Haskell at the next IFIP 2.1 meeting, can we make a list of MSc topics (warm fusion in Generic Haskell?, generic function generation, subtyping, zip-calculus), etc.

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