Generic Haskell

Kick off days, October 23 - 26, 2000

At the end of October 2000 we will meet at Utrecht University to start up the Generic Haskell project. We will discuss the following topics:

Where: Trans 1: room 119
When: Start on Monday October 23, at 9:30


This is a preliminary schedule: details may change until or even after we start.

Monday, October 23

Afternoon Evening: dinner.

Questions we have to discuss are: how much of Haskell should be incorporated, should we incorporate implicit arguments (meijer et al), should we incorporate subtyping (a la nordlander), what module system do we take (jones?), how do we solve the modules vs specialisations problem (heldal and hughes), to what language will we compile (haskell, pts, ghc intermediate language, ...), can a value be indexed by more than one type, whixh tools are we going to use (parser combinators, pretty-printing combinators, attribute grammar system, program transformation tool), who are going to build the compiler, who are going to write the language definition, who will set up a cvs like system for the project resources, who will be responsible for the tools used in the compiler, who will do the marketing (announcements, faq, etc), etc.

Tuesday, October 24

I expect we will take the morning off, and only use the afternoon.

Questions we have to discuss are: who is going to develop and implement the database connection, who is going to develop and implement the generic XML tools, who is going to develop and implement the generic editor, is it maybe an idea to write an overview article, etc.

Wednesday, October 25

Questions we have to discuss are: who is going to collect a set of proof problems, who will complete & translate PolyLib to Generic Haskell and generic proofs, who will develop the necessary proof techniques/tools, etc.

Thursday, October 26

I expect we will only use the morning.

Questions we have to discuss are: who is going to organize the biweekly(?) Generic Haskell talks, what are the deadlines for the several subtasks, is it an idea to organise a summerschool at the end of the project, should we try to focus on Generic Haskell at the next IFIP 2.1 meeting, can we make a list of MSc topics (warm fusion in Generic Haskell?, generic function generation, subtyping, zip-calculus), etc.

For information contact Johan Jeuring