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some publications by group Software Technology

authors of group Software Technology

name list
Atanassow, F. publications
Azero Alcocer, P.R. publications
Azurat, A. publications
Baars, dr. A.I. publications
Bijlsma, dr. A. publications
Bransen, dr. J. publications
Bravenboer, dr. M. publications
Clarke, D.G. publications
Dijkstra, dr. A. publications
Dolstra, dr. E. publications
Duponcheel, dr. L.C.S. publications
Elyasov, A.B. publications
Florijn, ing. G. publications
Fokker, drs. J.D. publications
Guerra, R.M. publications
Hage, dr. J. publications
Heeren, dr. B.J. publications
Henglein, dr. F.H. publications
Hinze, dr. R.T.W. publications
Holdermans, drs. S. publications
Jeuring, prof. dr. J.T. publications
Kars, dr. W.T.M. publications
Kuiper, dr. M.F. publications
Leather, MSc S.P. publications
Leeuwen, drs. A.J. van publications
Leijen, dr. DJP publications
Löh, dr. A. publications
Magalhães, dr. ir. J.P. publications
Meertens, prof. L.G.L.T. publications
Meijer, dr. HJM publications
Middelkoop, dr. A. publications
Moor, dr. O. de publications
Olmos Joffre, dr. K.R. publications
Oostrum, drs. P. van publications
Pennings, dr. M. publications
Prasetya, dr. S.W.B. publications
Rietman, dr. F.J. publications
Rochel, dr. J. publications
Rodriguez Yakushev, dr. A.L. publications
Saeidi, A.M. publications
Saraiva, dr. J. publications
Schrage, dr. M.M. publications
Sere, prof. K publications
Swierstra, dr. W.S. publications
Swierstra, prof. dr. (em.) S.D. publications
Udink, dr. ir. R.T. publications
Verwer, dr. N. publications
Viera Larrea, dr. MSc M.O. publications
Visser, dr. E. publications
Vogt, dr. H.H. publications
Vos, dr. T.E.J. publications