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authors of group Multimedia

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Aa, dr. ir. N.P. van der publications
Abdullah, dr. A. bin publications
Aljanaki, dr. A. publications
Balen, dr. J.M.H. van publications
Borgelt, dr. M.G. publications
Bosma, drs. M. publications
Bountouridis, MSc D. publications
Buchin, dr. K.A. publications
Buchin, dr. M.E. publications
Demirci, dr. M.F. publications
Garbers, dr. ing. J. publications
Gemeren, MSc C.J. van publications
Giezeman, drs. G.J. publications
Haar, dr. F.B. ter publications
Haas, dr. W.B. de publications
Hürst, dr. W.O. publications
Kranenburg, dr. ir. P. van publications
Lankveld, dr. T. van publications
Leuken, dr. R.H. van publications
Luo, MSc X. publications
Luo, dr. J publications
Moet, dr. E.J. publications
Oostendorp, dr. H. van publications
Oostrum, dr. R.W. van publications
Rodríguez López, dr. M.E. publications
Silveira, dr. R.I. publications
Swart, MSc A. publications
Tan, dr. R.T. publications
Tu, Z. publications
Typke, dr. R. publications
Veltkamp, prof. dr. R.C. publications
Vijgh, drs. B.H. van der publications
Volk, dr. A. publications
Werkhoven, prof. dr. P.J. publications
Wiering, dr. F. publications
Wouters, dr. P.J.M. publications
Zalm, MSc A. van der publications