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some publications by group Decision Support Systems

authors of group Decision Support Systems

name list
Aldewereld, dr. H.M. publications
Bolt, dr. ir. J.H. publications
Bosman, dr. P.A.N. publications
Charitos, dr. ir. T. publications
Di Tosto, dr. G. publications
Dijk, dr. SF van publications
Drugan, dr. ir. M.M. publications
Eijkhof, drs. F van den publications
Gaag, prof. dr. ir. L.C. van der publications
Geenen, dr. ir. P.L. publications
Groote, drs. A.J. de publications
Helsper, drs. E.M. publications
Hiel, dr. M. publications
IJzendoorn, drs. A.F. van publications
Koch, dr. F. publications
La Poutré, prof. dr. ir. J.A. publications
Oijen, dr. J. van publications
Pieters, MSc B.F.I. publications
Renooij, dr. S. publications
Rietbergen, MSc M.T. publications
Sadowksi, MSc K.L. publications
Sent, dr. D. publications
Thierens, dr. ir. D. publications
Vanhée, L. publications
Waal, dr. ir. P.R. de publications
Weide, dr. T.L. van der publications
Westra, dr. J. publications
Woudenberg, MSc S.P.D. publications