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some publications by group Algorithmic Systems

authors of group Algorithmic Systems

name list
Aardal, dr. ir. K.I. publications
Akker, dr. ir. J.M. van den publications
Böhm, prof. dr. ir. A.P.W. publications
Bachoore, MSc E. publications
Bakker, dr. E.M. publications
Bodlaender, prof. dr. H.L. publications
Bontridder, ir. K.M.J. de publications
Bouckaert, dr. R.R. publications
Diepen, dr. G. publications
Dijk, MSc T.C. van publications
Fluiter, dr. ir. B.L.E. de publications
Gerth, dr. R.T. publications
Hoofman, dr. R. publications
Hoogeveen, dr. J.A. publications
Huibers, prof. dr. T.W.C. publications
Jansen, dr. MSc B.M.P. publications
Jonker, dr. C.M. publications
Kant, dr. G. publications
Kloks, dr. A.J.J. publications
Knijnenburg, dr. P.M.W. publications
Kooten van Niekerk, M.E. publications
Kratsch, S. publications
Kwisthout, dr. ir. J.H.P. publications
Leeuwen, prof. dr. (em.) J. van publications
Lennartz, Dipl. Math. P.M. publications
Meulen, SG van der publications
Nederlof, dr. J. publications
Putten, drs. J.D. van publications
Roever, prof. dr. W-P de publications
Rooij, dr. J.M.M. van publications
Scheper, prof. dr. W.J. publications
Schoone, dr. A.A. publications
Sibeyn, dr. J.F. publications
Smeltink, drs. J.W. publications
Stappen, dr. P.J.M. van der publications
Tel, dr. G. publications
Thilikos, dr. D.M. publications
Veldhorst, dr. M. publications
Verbaan, drs. P.R.A. publications
Verriet, dr. J. publications
Verweij, dr. A.M. publications
Wijshoff, prof. dr. H.A.G. publications
Wolle, Dipl Inf T. publications