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some publications by group Intelligent Systems

authors of group Intelligent Systems

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Abu-Hanna, dr. A. publications
Arts, dr. T. publications
Boer, dr. F.S. de publications
Braak, dr. S.W. van den publications
Broersen, dr. ir. J.M. publications
Caminada, drs. M.W.A. publications
Campos, dr. A.M.C. publications
Dastani, prof. dr. M.M. publications
Dignum, dr. F.P.M. publications
Eijk, dr. R.M. van publications
Ferreira, dr. M.C.F. publications
Grossi, dr. D. publications
Harbers, dr. M. publications
Harrenstein, dr. B.P. publications
Hasselt, dr. H.P. van publications
Hindriks, dr. K.V. publications
Hoek, prof. dr. W. van der publications
Hulst, dr. M. van publications
Jonker, dr. G.M. publications
Knobbout, dr. M. publications
Kok, dr. MSc E.M. publications
Kroese, ir. M. publications
Lebbink, drs. H.J. publications
Linder, dr. B. van publications
Lucas, dr. P.J.F. publications
Meyer, prof. dr. J-J.Ch. publications
Peek, dr. N.B. publications
Peeters, dr. M.M.M. publications
Penserini, dr. L. publications
Pierik, dr. C. publications
Prakken, prof. dr. mr. H. publications
Riemsdijk, drs. M.B. van publications
Sindlar, dr. M.P. publications
Starmans, dr. R.J.C.M. publications
Steunebrink, MSc B.R. publications
Teije, dr. A.C.M. ten publications
Testerink, MSc B.J.G. publications
Timmer, MSc S.T. publications
Tinnemeier, dr. ir. N.A.M. publications
Turrini, dr. P. publications
Vergunst, dr. N.L. publications
Vreeswijk, dr. G.A.W. publications
Vries, dr. W. de publications
Wiering, dr. M.A. publications
Witteveen, dr. C. publications
Zantema, dr. H. publications
Ziafati, P. publications