Achter Sint Pieter

Achter Sint Pieter         
(entrance Kromme Nieuwe Gracht)

JURIX-03 Conference Programme

Notes on conference locations
Notes on presentation aids

Thursday, December 11, 2003

9.00-9.30: Registration [Academiegebouw, room Masceradezaal]
9.30-12.30: Parallel workshops
       Workshop 1: Question Answering for Interrogating Legal Documents.
       [Academiegebouw, room Eijkmanzaal]
       Workshop 2: The Development of Standards for Describing Legal Documents.
       [Academiegebouw, room Opzoomerzaal]
11.30-13.45: System demonstrations [Academiegebouw, room Masceradezaal]
12.30-13.45: Lunch + registration [Academiegebouw, room Masceradezaal]
13.45-14.00: Informal welcome speech [Achter Sint Pieter, room Raadszaal]
14.00-15.30: Plenary session 1: Legal decision making and negotiating systems
[Achter Sint Pieter, room Raadszaal]
  • Antoinette J. Muntjewerff, Astrid Jordaans, Rinke Hoekstra & Ronald Leenes (University of Amsterdam / Open University, The Netherlands): Case analysis and storage environment: CASE.
  • Filipe Borges, Raoul Borges & Daniele Bourcier (Universite de Paris II, France): Artificial neural networks and legal categorization.
  • John Zeleznikow & Emilia Bellucci (University of Edinburgh, UK / La Trobe University, Victoria Australia): Family_Winner: integrating game theory and heuristics to provide negotiation support.
15.30-16.00: Tea Break
16.00-17.30: Parallel session 1a: Legal knowledge based systems and e-government
[Achter Sint Pieter, room Raadszaal]
  • Pierre Renaux (Universite de Caen, France): CATMInE - Computer assisted trade-mark infringement evaluation.
  • Thomas F. Gordon (Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany): A use case analysis of legal knowledge-based systems.
  • Evert van Heel & Tom van Engers, (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands): GoldminePower: decisions in governmental process design.
16.00-17.00: Parallel session 1b: Legal reasoning and expert systems
[Academiegebouw, room Belle van Zuijlenzaal]
  • Pamela N. Gray & Xenogene Gray (University of Western Sydney, Australia): A map-based expert-friendly shell.
  • Giovanni Tuzet (University of Paris XII, France / University of Turin, Italy): Legal abduction.
19.00 - 20.00: Reception, with presentation of the JURIX Award for Best Msc Thesis on AI & Law.
[Academiegebouw, room 1636.]
20.00 - 23.00: Conference dinner (dinner speaker W.A. Wagenaar).
[Academiegebouw, room Masceradezaal]

Friday, December 12, 2003

[All sessions in Law Faculty Library, Room 0.17]

8.30-9.00: Registration
9.00-9.10: Welcome speeches by Dr. R. Winkels, chairman of JURIX, and prof.dr. W.H. Gispen, rector magnificus of Utrecht University
9.10-9.30: Invited speech by D.J. van Dijk, member of the Dutch Council for the Judiciary (Raad voor de Rechtspraak).
9.30-10.30: Plenary session 2: Legal drafting systems
  • Alexander Boer, Radboud Winkels, Rinke Hoekstra & Tom van Engers (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands): Knowledge management for legislative drafting in an international setting.
  • Juan Jose Iniesta Delgado (Universidad de Murcia, Spain): Substitution of legal statement and identification of Law.
10.30-11.00: Coffee Break
11.00-12.30: Plenary session 3: Legal ontology and the semantic web
  • Jaime Delgado, Isabel Gallego, Silvia Llorente & Roberto Garcia, (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain): IPROnto: An ontology for digital rights management.
  • Melanie Dulong De Rosnay (University Paris-II, France): Cognitive interfaces for legal expressions description.
  • Paolo Dongilli & Johann Gamper (Free University of Bozen/Bolzano - Italy): MIRIS unleashed.
12.30-13.45: Lunch
13.45-14.30: Invited speech by Giovanni Sartor, University of Bologna, Italy.
14.30-15.20: Research abstract session
  • Emile de Maat, Tom M. van Engers (University of Amsterdam): Mission impossible?: Automated norm analysis of legal texts.
  • Erich Schweighofer, Doris Liebwald & Mathias Drachsler (University of Vienna, Austria): Electronic Notification of block exempted state aid.
  • Fransisco C.P. Andrade (Minho University, Portugal): Intelligent electronic inter-systemic contracting.
  • G. Governatori (University of Queensland, Australia) & Antonino Rotolo (University of Bologna, Italy): A computational framework for non monotonic agency institutionalized power and multi-agent systems.
15.20-15.50: Tea Break
15.50-17.20: Plenary session 4: Theoretical foundations and models in AI and law
  • Alison Chorley & Trevor Bench-Capon (University of Liverpool, UK): Reasoning with legal cases as theory construction: some experimental results.
  • Nuno Graca & Paulo Quaresma (Universidade de Evora, Portugal): How to model legal reasoning using dynamic logic programming.
  • Kevin D. Ashley & Stefanie Brueninghaus (University of Pittsburgh, USA): A Predictive role for intermediate legal concepts.
17.20-17.30: Closing of the conference

Conference locations:

All events on Thursday Morning (until 13.45) take place in the Academiegebouw, which is the University's main historic building, located at the Domplein. Registration, lunch and the demosession take place in room Masceradezaal (upstairs), Workshop 1 in room Eijkmanzaal (downstairs) and Workshop 2 in room Opzoomerzaal (downstairs).

Thursday afternoon's plenary session 1, as well as parallel session 1a, will be held in room Raadszaal of the Pietershof, behind the Academiegebouw. The entrance is on Kromme Nieuwe Gracht 47e, opposite the building denoted with CIM on the map. Thursday afternoon's parallel session 1b will be held in the Academiegebouw, room Belle van Zuijlenzaal.

Both the reception and the conference also take place in the Academiegebouw: the reception downstairs in room 1636 and the dinner upstairs in room Masceradezaal.

All Friday sessions are in Room 0.17 (ground floor) of the Law Faculty Library, located at 't Hoogt 13, entrance on Slachtstraat, a side street of the Lange Jansstraat, just west of Janskerkhof. Lunch will be served in the Library's cantine.

Presentation aids:

For all JURIX-03 workshop and conference presentations an overhead projector, a beamer and a computer (laptop on Thursday, PC on Friday) will be available. It will also be possible to connect your own laptop to the beamer. However, usability of a USB keychain drive is not guaranteed.