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MSc programs - Software Technology


Software Technology

This program deals with all aspects of the actual construction of software in the widest sense; this includes inquiry into program development methods, formalisms (programming languages), tools, global structure as in software architecture, as well as methods to describe (by specification formalisms) and verify (by correctness proofs) the properties of components.

Goal and ambition of the Software Technology program is to be a leading European school of programming science, whose curriculum gives access to fundamental research in this discipline and also contributes to its applications in industry and society.

Key concepts are: programming methods, generic programming methods, abstraction mechanisms, type systems, design and implementation of programming languages, tool construction, software architectures, components, specification and verification, semantics, program analysis, program transformations, restructuring, legacy software.

As of Sept 1, 2010 the MSc programs Applied Computing Science and Software Technology merge in the new program Computing Science which offers the same core programs with more attractive options.
Enrolment for Applied Computing Science and Software Technology proceeds through the NEW program Computing Science.