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MSc programs - Game and Media Technology

Game and Media Technology

An ongoing, mostly silent, revolution is taking place in our culture and society. The realms of gaming and simulation have become rapidly important for work and leisure, innovation, business and economics, law and ownership, ethics, family life, and last but not least for professional training and education.

The research field of gaming and simulation deals with modeling virtual worlds, creating characters and behavior, generating effective scenarios, building multisensory interfaces and redesigning didactic concepts but also deals with drama, style and emotions. Simulating the physics, biology and psychology of the real world and bringing it to life in multisensory simulations are major challenges on their own. Adding the X-factor has substantial impact on user experience, learning and training transfer. In this context media technology plays an important part as it deals with the effective transfer of information using audio - speech, sound, and music - video, 3D objects, interactive virtual environments, etc.

The focus of our program is on technological aspects of the above in the realm of computer science.