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MSc programs - Computing Science


Computing Science

In everything we do, we make decisions and act based on information. How can we cope with the abundance of information around us and the many different ways we may wish to use it? Software, computing and information systems come to the rescue. When suitably designed, software systems enable us to process information and offer decisions and services that would be impossible otherwise.

Computing science focuses on the latest techniques in the design of software, algorithms, data analysis and decision support systems. The challenges to create new systems and applications make it a field of great inspiration. The MSc programme combines the expertise of Utrecht University`s leading research groups in the field.

The MSc program accommodates both research and application-oriented students. You can tailor your programme to, for example: software technology, algorithm design and analysis, advanced planning and decision making, or algorithmic data analysis. Other ways to focus your programme are possible too.

The MSc program has a duration of two years (120 ECTS) and leads to the degree of Master of Science. Experience shows that it prepares you for an excellent career in Informatics or ICT.