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MSc programs - Content and Knowledge Engineering


Content and Knowledge Engineering

In 2010 the MSc program Content and Knowledge Engineering is offered for the last time. No new enrolments are possible after Sept 2010.

The master Content and Knowledge Engineering (CKE) addresses the full range of topics in content and knowledge engineering. It approaches applications of digital content and knowledge from an integrative perspective. It emphasizes the integration of the technical side of content management and processing with cognitive and social aspects.

In particular, CKE focuses on the whole life cycle of content - from creation to adaptation - and the interaction with, and communication processes between humans and computer systems within organizations. In other words, technical aspects of digital media and ICT are covered, but the focus is user-centered. Special attention is paid to three core areas:

  • Content Management and Content Processing: Modeling and representing information for use in multimedia publications, making use of exchange languages such as XML. Electronic document technology plays here a central role. The topics mentioned are discussed within the context of individual and enterprise-wide requirements and functionality.
  • Cognition and Communication: Cognitive, interactive and communicative processes of users of information and knowledge systems will be treated. In particular, the way in which knowledge is represented, the way in which users and systems interact, and the course of the communication between users with the aid of information technology are studied.
  • Organization and Information: both the developmental and use aspects of information flow and work organizations are addressed, as well as managing entry, updates, storage and distribution of information within and between organizations.