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MSc programs - Applied Computing Science

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Applied Computing Science

This program deals with development and analysis of algorithmic concepts, put into action in the design of modern software systems. The program is anchored in the following primary areas of expertise: decision support systems, intelligent algorithms, network models and graphs, planning and scheduling, and evolutionary algorithms. Supplementary components are offered in e.g. the software technology area.

The program targets a very topical subject matter. All software systems, ranging from text editors to hospital information systems and internet applications, are built on algorithms. Algorithmic concepts, therefore, are applied in complex software systems in many environments, both in business and in the non-profit sector, ranging from decision support systems to electronic work and transaction models and computation-controlled processes in the sciences.

As of Sept 1, 2010 the MSc programs Applied Computing Science and Software Technology merge in the new program Computing Science which offers the same core programs with more attractive options.
Enrolment for Applied Computing Science and Software Technology proceeds through the NEW program Computing Science.