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MSc programs - Agent Technology


Agent Technology

The AT program studies intelligent systems focusing on the notion of an intelligent agent. An agent is an artificial (computer based) entity that can act pro-actively, reactively, autonomously and rationally in a dynamic environment. Agents can reason about the situation they are in, plan their actions, revise their beliefs, learn, communicate, cooperate, etcetera.

In the AT program emphasis is placed on the logical and symbolical models to describe and implement agents. Key topics in this track are agent-oriented software engineering, theory of agents and multi-agent systems, cognitive robotics, (commonsense) reasoning and learning (adaptive behaviour). Several application areas of intelligent agents are studied, including electronic business, soccer and rescue robots, virtual games, diagnosis of complex industrial systems, and medical and legal decision making.

As of Sept 1, 2010 the MSc program Agent Technology has been renamed into Technical Artificial Intelligence, with the same core programs and more attractive options. Enrolment for Agent Technology proceeds through the new program Technical Artificial Intelligence.