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MSc programs - Information and Computing Sciences


Welcome !

The department of Information and Computing Sciences is one of the leading institutions in the Netherlands for research and teaching in the information and computing sciences. Our mission is to discover new principles for information and computing systems, to create new techniques for the design and use of intelligent systems in science and business, to educate first-rate students, and to enjoy the great things in our field. The Department has 9 chairs, over 70 faculty members, and about 50 PhD students. ICS is part of the Faculty of Science, Utrecht University.

The Department offers four MSc programs, covering a wide range of areas of modern information and computing technology. All programs lead to the MSc degree. We hope you find the programs interesting and challenging!

On the webpages of the MSc programs you find details on curricula and admission procedure. For students of ICS, the MSc programs are a normal continuation of their bachelor studies. For further information, please contact the graduate student adviser of the MSc program of your choice.

ICS is active in a large number of research projects, both at the national and the European level. We are committed to excellence in both fundamental and applied research, and actively involve graduate students in our work. Student evaluations consistently rank the institute among the best in teaching in the Netherlands. And lest we forget, Utrecht is a lovely student town.

Jan van Leeuwen