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Admission to the Department

Admission to the Department

BSc programs

The department offers two bachelor programs: Computer Science and Information Science. Both are taught in Dutch. In order to be admitted to the programs, you need a diploma of secondary education equivalent to a Dutch VWO diploma with the maximum amount of mathematics included. You also need to prove proficiency in both the Dutch and English languages, unless you are a native speaker. If you have no such proof, you must pass entrance examinations in Dutch, English and mathematics. Information about admission procedures and financial matters can be obtained by going to the Student Services homepage of Universiteit Utrecht and following the link 'Prospective bachelor students'. Please be informed that from Sep. 2006, for students originating outside the EEA, the tuition fees amount to € 7,000 per annum.

MSc programs

The department offers six master programs. These are all taught in English. Entrance requirements vary per program, so you should consult the detailed description of the program of your choice. In general the equivalent of a bachelor degree in computer science or information science is required. You also need to prove proficiency in English, unless you are a native speaker or have completed three years at a Dutch university. (An IELTS test score of at least 6.5 (at least 6 for the Writing module) or a TOEFL test score of at least 580 for the paper test or 237 for the computer test is required.) For information about visas, tuition fees, cost of living and scholarships visit the International Masters site of Universiteit Utrecht. There you will also find the application forms and accompanying instructions. Please be informed that from Sep. 2006, for students originating outside the EEA, the tuition fees amount to € 10,000 per annum. Exceptions are only possible for students who already hold a bachelor’s degree from Utrecht University, or receive a government study grant (Informatie Beheer Groep) or a UAF grant.

Students having a Dutch HBO diploma may already qualify for entrance to the master program of their choice; this depends on the details of your curriculum. Contact the graduate study adviser of the program of your choice if you are in doubt. Students still enrolled at Hogeschool Utrecht can also qualify for our master programs by including a minor at Universiteit Utrecht in their curriculum.

PhD programs

Preparing a PhD thesis at the department can be done as a 4-year paid job. Check the vacancies page to see if any such jobs are on offer.

If you do not require a salary (e.g. because you are on a grant provided by an institution outside Universiteit Utrecht), you can contact the chair of the research group corresponding to your area of interest directly to see whether he/she is prepared to assist you in writing your thesis. General information about the PhD process can be found at the research site of Universiteit Utrecht by following the link 'Doctoral degree (PhD)'. The department will ask you a tuition fee of € 12,000 per annum for both infrastructural costs at the department (working space, computer, etc.) and training, coaching, and support. The cost of living in Utrecht is high: about € 1100 per month for a single person.

In all cases you will need both a residence and working permit. The procedures to acquire these will take 3-8 months, depending on your nationality. Universiteit Utrecht will assist you in these procedures.

We do not have any opportunity for (summer) internships.

Due to periodical revisions, the above information may be partly outdated.

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