What is lrc?

Lrc is a system for generating efficient incremental attribute evaluators. Lrc can be used to generate language based editors and other advanced interactive environments.

Features of lrc

The following features distinguish lrc from other attribute grammar systems.
Lrc A general introduction to lrc can be found in the paper Incremental language based tools.

Constructing evaluators with lrc

To construct an evaluator with lrc use the runlrc script.

Generating interactive applications

Lrc can generate advanced interactice applications. Such applications can be easily specified.

Tips and pitfalls

Lrc is still in development. If you encounter a problem then you can have a look at a list of tips and pitfalls.

Using interactive applications

The interactive systems that you can generate with lrc offer a mix of text editing, structure editing and graphical manipulation. See editor user manual for more details.

Obtaining and installing lrc

Lrc is freely available for experimental use. It is distributed as a compressed tar file

To install lrc follow the instructions.

Example specification

As an example you might study the specification of an interface for the Unix find command.


Here is an Lalr(1) grammar for the Java language.
Matthijs Kuiper (kuiper@cs.ruu.nl)