Multimedia and Geometry

The 'Multimedia and Geometry' group performs research on geometric algorithms (computational geometry), and related algorithms in multimedia retrieval: geographic information, image, music, 3D scene, and video retrieval. Our general approach is to develop algorithms with provable properties such as efficiency, robustness, and invariance. In addition, we experimentally verify our techniques on the basis of quantitative results.

The principal investigator for topics such as computational geometry, cartography, geographical information systems (GIS), label placement, terrains, and spatio-temporal data mining is Marc van Kreveld.
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The principal investigator for topics such as shape retrieval, 3D face recognition, music retrieval, image and video retrieval, indexing, and biometrics is Remco Veltkamp.
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Together with the group 'Games and Virtual Worlds' we carry out the master program Game and Media Technology. There are many experimentation projects and thesis projects that are related to our research topics. Many of these projects can be performed at companies, or at foreign universities.

The 'Multimedia and Geometry' group of the Department of Information and Computing Sciences participates in the research focus area Games, Media, and Agent Technology and in the expertise center for Advanced Gaming and Simulation (AGS).