Student Projects offered by the DSS Group

The Decision-Support Systems (DSS) group is co-responsible for the curriculum of the MSc programme Applied Computing Science (ACS), together with the Algorithmic Systems and the Algorithmic Data Analysis groups. Experimentation and graduation projects offered by the DSS group to students of this M.Sc. programme are closely tied to the research conducted within the group. The group roughly pursues two research themes: probabilistic networks and evolutionary computation.

DSS Experimentation projects

The goal is to carry out a small, individual project in algorithmic modelling and design on an interesting research problem from theory or practice, in order to let students learn how to set up and carry out algorithmic experiments, and how to evaluate and report the results. Experimental research requires a methodological approach: research goals and hypotheses need to be defined unambiguously, experiments need to be designed in a goal-oriented way, experimental results should be statistically significant, and conclusions must be well-justified. Projects can be formulated on almost all our research topics and can be specifically tailored to a student's interests. As an inspiration, we provide some global ideas: A handful of experimentation projects are predefined:

DSS MSc graduation projects

The last nine months of the ACS programme are reserved for a graduation project of 45 ECTS. Graduation projects can be formulated on virtually all our research topics and can be specifically tailored to a student's interestsAs an inspiration, we provide some global ideas:

To get an impression of what a graduation project might entail, you can examine the list of former projects. General information on doing a graduation project can be found in the Protocol and Manual for masters' graduation projects.