Master Thesis Project

Title RMDB: A Relational Algebra for Monet
Student Daniel Fauré
Supervisor Hans Philippi
Abstract Database Management Systems (DBMSs) have long been developed with the focus on transactional applications. Such applications are usually characterized by a large number of updates and very little data retrieval in comparison. However, in the past decade demand has shifted from these transactional applications towards more analytical applications. After many years of storing data, analyzing that data has become very important in many sectors. This analysis is very query-intensive, yet many popular relational DBMS s still have storage systems optimized for transactional use, as well as restrictive query languages. Monet is a non-traditional database system that provides high performance for query-intensive applications. Monet can be accessed through a SQL layer or directly through a low level algebraic interface. The application developed in this thesis project will implement a clean relational algebra layer on top of Monet, while attempting to maintain its high performance.