Arne Koopman
Arne Koopman is a former member of the ADA group.
Arne was a Ph.D. student in the ADA group from October 2005 to May 2010 and defended his thesis 'Characteristic Relational Patterns' on May 31st 2010.

Selected Refereed Publications

Koopman, A. & Siebes, A. Characteristic Relational Patterns. In: Proceedings of the ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining 2009 (KDD'09), pp 437-446, 2009.
Koopman, A. & Siebes, A. Discovering Relational Item Sets Efficiently. In: Proceedings of the SIAM Conference on Data Mining 2008 (SDM'08), 2008.
Bathoorn, R., Koopman, A. & Siebes, A. Reducing the Frequent Pattern Set. In: Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining 2006, Workshops (ICDM-Workshops'06), pp 55-59, 2006.
Koopman, A.C.M. & Roggen, D. Evolving Genetic Regulatory Networks for Hardware Fault Tolerance. In: Proceedings of Parallel Problem Solving from Nature 2004 (PPSN'04), pp 561-570, 2004.
Wiering, M.A., Vreeken, J., Van Veenen, J. & Koopman, A.C.M. Simulation and Optimization of Traffic in a City. In: Proceedings of the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2004 (IV'04), pp 453-458, 2004.
Koopman, A.C.M., van Leeuwen, M. & Vreeken, J. Exploring Temporal Memory of LSTM and Spiking Circuits. In: Future of Neural Networks workshop 2003 (FUNN2003), 2003.

Selected Unrefereed Publications

Bathoorn, R., Koopman, A. & Siebes, A. Frequent Patterns that Compress, Technical Report UU-CS-2006-048, Universiteit Utrecht, 2006.
Koopman, A.C.M. Hardware-Friendly Genetic Regulatory Networks in POEtic tissue, M.Sc. Thesis. Institute for Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University, 2004.