Jeroen De Knijf
Jeroen De Knijf is a former member of the ADA group.
Jeroen joined the ADA group as Ph.D. student in 2004 for the MISTA project, after receiving his master degree in computer science from the Universiteit van Amsterdam. The goal of the MISTA project is to develop efficient mining algorithms for semi-structured data. Especially the incorporation of user defined constraints and the development of condensed representation are current topics of research.

Educational Activities

Functioneel Programmeren 2006

Selected Refereed Publications

De Knijf, J. Mining Tree Patterns with Almost Smallest Supertrees. In: Proceedings of the SIAM Conference on Data Mining 2008 (SDM'08), 2008.
De Knijf, J. & Feelders, A. Choosing the Right Patterns: An Experimental Comparison between Different Tree Inclusion Relations. In: D. Malerba, A. Appice and M. Ceci (editors), 6th Workshop on Multi-Relational Data Mining (MRDM'07), 2007.
De Knijf, J. FAT-miner: Mining Frequent Attribute Trees. In: Y. Cho, R. Wainwright, H. Haddad, S. Shin and Y. Koo (editors), Proceedings of the 2007 ACM symposium on Applied computing (SAC'07), 2007.
De Knijf, J. FAT-CAT: Frequent Attribute Tree Based Classification. In: N. Fuhr, M. Lalmas, and A. Trotman (editors), 5th International Workshop of the Initiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval (INEX'06), 2006.
De Knijf, J. Frequent Tree Mining with Selection Constraints. In: S. Nijssen, T. Meinl and G. Karypis (editors), Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Mining Graphs, Trees and Sequences (MGTS'05), 2005.
De Knijf, J. & Feelders, A. Monotone Constraints in Frequent Tree Mining. In: M. van Otterlo, M. Poel and A. Nijholt (editors), Proceedings of the 14th Annual Machine Learning Conference of Belgium and the Netherlands (BeneLearn'04) , 2004.

Selected Unrefereed Publications

De Knijf, J. FAT-miner: Mining Frequent Attribute Trees, Technical Report UU-CS-2006-053, Universiteit Utrecht, 2006.