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``Exploring the Scientific Nature of the Information and Computing Sciences''

Computer science (or: Informatics) has branched out to every facet of science, industry, business and society. New developments continuously challenge the understanding of the field as a science. What is its scientific core? What are its fundamental questions? What can the computational lens tell us about the world? The Center focuses on (a) the computational models and theories for understanding advanced IT systems and their foundation, and (b) the philosophical investigations of informatics as part of the philosophy of science.

The Center for Philosophy of Computer Science is headed by professor Jan van Leeuwen, and is part of the Department of Information and Computing Sciences of Utrecht University (division Artificial Intelligence).


We have a long-standing interest in the algorithmics and applied philosophy of the information and computing sciences, the implications and trends of ICT, and their application in industry and society. See also our research on algorithm design and analysis in the Center for Algorithmic Systems.


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