IST-FET Workshop on


held on July 11, 2002 in Malaga (Spain), in conjunction with ICALP'2002

Workshop under the auspices of The Global Computing Initiative
of the IST-`Future and Emerging Technologies' programme of the European Commission

Slides of key lectures by L. Flores, D. Sannella, V. Sassone, P.G. Spirakis, and M. Wirsing,
together with some panel contributions.

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In 2000 the IST-Future and Emerging Technologies programme of the EC launched a pro-active initiative devoted to the Co-operation of Autonomous and Mobile Entities in Dynamic Environments . Commonly referred to as The Global Computing Initiative , the action aims at developing the fundamental techniques (models, frameworks, methods, algorithms) needed for constructing future IT systems that can accommodate large numbers of (mobile) autonomous computing entities. The ultimate goal is to provide a solid scientific foundation for the design, building and analysis of such systems.

The Workshop was the first joint event of the Global Computing Initiative, and was intended to provide a first view on the current progress in the project clusters and to outline future strategic lines of convergence of the research.

Presentations given on July 11, 2002

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