General Chairs
Michael Erdmann
David Hsu
Mark Overmars
Frank van der Stappen

Program Committee
Karl Böhringer
Greg Chirikjian
Yan-Bin Jia
Oussama Khatib
Rolf Klein
Steven LaValle
Ming Lin
Kevin Lynch
Mark Moll
Nancy Pollard
Elon Rimon
Thierry Siméon
Jack Snoeyink
Michael Yu Wang

Important Dates

  • February 22, 2004: deadline for submissions.
  • May 7: notification of acceptance or rejection.
  • June 4: final submissions due.
  • July 11-13: WAFR 2004.

    Paper Submission
    (deadline was Feb 22)
    Final Paper Submission
    (deadline was June 4)
    Venue and Registration
    Getting there

    Previous WAFRs:
    WAFR 2002, Nice, France
    WAFR 2000, Hanover, NH, USA
    WAFR 1998, Houston, TX, USA
    WAFR 1996, Toulouse, France
    WAFR 1994, Stanford, CA, USA

  • Sixth International Workshop on
    the Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics

    July 11-13, 2004
    Utrecht/Zeist, The Netherlands

    Robot algorithms are abstractions of computational processes that control or reason about motion and perception in the physical world. Because actions in the physical world are subject to physical laws and geometric constraints, the design and analysis of robot algorithms raises a unique combination of questions in control theory, computational and differential geometry, and computer science. Algorithms serve as a unifying theme in the multi-disciplinary field of robotics.

    The Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundations aims to bring together a group of about sixty researchers to discuss recent trends and important future directions of research on the algorithmic issues related to robotics and automation. The workshop proceedings will be published in a hard-cover volume. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to,

    • motion planning
      • holonomic planning
      • nonholonomic planning
      • navigation
    • manufacturing
      • assembly
      • grasping and fixturing
      • manipulation
    • robot design
      • mimimalist robots
      • underactuated robots
      • modular and reconfigurable robots
    • robot vision
      • simultaneous location and mapping
      • sensor-based planning
    • distributed manipulation
    • foundations
      • geometric algorithms
      • complexity and completeness
      • controllability
    • applications
      • computational molecular and structural biology
      • virtual environments and games
      • surgery planning
      • geographic information systems
      • simulation, animation, and graphics

    The sixth Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics will take place in the forested town of Zeist, just outside Utrecht. WAFR 2004 will be held in Hotel Figi adjacent to the town's historic castle and city hall.