Center and staff

The GMT master program is offered by the Utrecht chapter of the center for Advanced Gaming and Simulation (AGS), a center which resides in the science faculty, department of information and computing sciences of Utrecht University. The center consists of two groups: Games and virtual worlds and Multimedia and geometry. Program leader is Frank van der Stappen, PhD.
Program coordinator is Twan Maintz, PhD.

The center is an internationally well-known research group that focuses on the area of games, media, and geometry. The group performs both fundamental research in the design and analysis of geometric algorithms, and applied research on how these algorithms can be used in the context of games and virtual environments. The center participates in many (inter)national research projects and has close collaborations with Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Duke University, Free University Berlin, ETH Zürich, and Tel Aviv University, to name but a few. It also has close contacts with research institutes and companies in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

We offer a stimulating environment for students in the master program. Students can work together with staff members on research projects. Often, there are guests from other universities. Students in their second year will get office space in the center. Students are given access to all necessary computer equipment in student labs (PCs), GMT-labs (including advanced graphics hardware, 3D glasses, cameras, etc.). The center also features a complete motion capture lab.

The center also participates in UPGEAR, the Utrecht Platform for Game Education And Research. UPGEAR unites all colleges in the heart of the Netherlands that focus on Game education, as well as cultural, commercial and governmental institutions, the international Game Developers Association and the Digital Game Research Association, resulting in a broadly oriented netwerk encompassing all aspects of game education, research and development, arts, and market deployment.