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The events are hosted by the Institute of Computing and Information Sciences, Utrecht University. All lectures will take place at the Uithof Campus east of Utrecht. For general directions to the Uithof Campus, please click here, where you also find a good campus map. For more conference specific instructions, please see below.

Many of you will arrive by plane to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. The train connections to Utrecht are excellent. For train schedules you can consult the home page of the Dutch Railways. There are three things to keep in mind if you take the train between Schiphol and Utrecht CS:

If you have a hotel in the center of Utrecht you can use either Bus 11 or Bus 12 (12S during peak hours) to reach Utrecht University Uithof Campus. Both stop at Padualaan/Heidelberglaan in the very center of the campus. (Take the buses in the direction Uithof, AZU, WKZ.) Both buses run a very frequent schedule. Your hotel can provide you with more information about how to reach the campus by public transportation.

Below you find more detailed information on how to find your way at the campus.

If you go to the campus for the first time on Monday morning:

Enter the Unnikgebouw, walk all the way through the building. Almost at the end, turn to the right where you enter the "Transitorium 1". In the long hallway you find the lecture room "Rood". In the neighborhood of that room you will find the Summer School Registration Desk.

If you go to the campus for the first time on Tuesday morning:

Enter the Minnaertgebouw, walk up the stairs, and take the indoor passage way immediately slightly to the left in front of you. This passage way leads to the building "Aardwetenschappen" (Geosciences), Budapestlaan 4. Once you enter Aardwetenschappen you find the "Kleine Collegezaal" on your left.

If you go to the campus for the first time on Tuesday afternoon for the IPCO registration:

Enter Centrumgebouw Noord. Walk up to floor 0 (you enter at -1!), and go to the left. In the first room at your left you will find the IPCO Registration.

If you go to the campus for the first time on Wednesday morning:

Follow instructions for Monday morning, but now when you enter the Unnikgebouw, turn to the left at the reception, and you will find Room Unnik - 001.

If you get lost

Go to Centrumgebouw Noord (see instructions for Tuesday afternoon), floor 3, Room A329 ("Balie"). This is the reception of the Institute of Information and Computing Sciences. They have a schedule of the conference and will be able to direct you to the right building!

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