This meeting, the eighth in the series of IPCO (Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization) conferences held every year in which no MPS International Symposium takes place, is a forum for researchers and practitioners working on various aspects of integer programming and combinatorial optimization. The aim is to present recent developments in theory, computation, and applications of integer programming and combinatorial optimization.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

In all these areas, IPCO welcomes structural and algorithmic results, revealing computational studies, and novel applications of these techniques to practical problems. The algorithms studied may be sequential or parallel, deterministic or randomized. During the three days, approximately thirty-six papers will be presented, in a series of sequential (non-parallel) sessions. Each lecture will be thirty minutes long.

The conference proceedings will contain full texts of all presented papers. Copies will be provided to all participants at registration time.

A postscript version of the Call for Papers for the IPCO 2001 conference can be found here.

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