Ewa Dahlig (1958 in Warsaw) is a Polish ethnomusicologist. In 1982, she graduated from the Warsaw University where she studied musicology. Since then she is a researcher in the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In1990, she received a PhD in musicology for her dissertation on the history of fiddle-type instruments in Poland. In 1992-94, she worked with Prof. Helmut Schaffrath at the Essen University on EsAC (Essener Assoziativ Code). Since 1994 she is the chair of the Study Group on Computer Aided Research in the International Council for Traditional Music and the president of the Polish National Committee of ICTM.

Recently, she has been involved in computer-aided analyses of Polish folk dance rhythms and databases of European folksong. She gave guest lectures on instrumental music in the Institute of Musicology of the Warsaw University, and wrote numerous publications on Polish folk instruments and rhythms, as well as on computer-assisted analyses and databases.