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21 October 2009 - Utrecht University

The Dutch Computational Geometry Day of 2009 will take place on October 21, at Utrecht University. The talks will be at the Kruytgebouw, room O123 (east wing, first floor).

Update: More than 40 people attended the DCGD, probably setting a new record!

Final program

10:00 Welcome coffee
10:30 Bettina Speckmann (TU/e) Geometric Simultaneous Embeddings of a Graph and a Matching [Abstract]
10:55 Rodrigo Silveira (UU) Detecting Hotspots in Geographic Networks [Abstract]
11:20 Coffee break, with a selection of Dutch delicacies
11:45 Invited talk:

Ferjan Ormeling (UU)

Biography of a school atlas: where the Dutch learn their geography
12:30 Dutch-style lunch at the Kruytgebouw
13:30 Roland Geraerts (UU) Planning Short Paths with Clearance using Explicit Corridors [Abstract]
13:55 Marcel Roeloffzen (TU/e) Finding structures on imprecise points
14:20 Coffee break, with a selection of some other Dutch delicacies
14:45 Jack Snoeyink (UNC) Efficient computation of the discrete Voronoi diagram without the InCircle predicate [Abstract]
15:10 Kevin Buchin (TU/e) Computing Delaunay Triangulations from Simpler Structures [Abstract]
15:35 Hugo Ledoux (TU Delft) Validating and repairing planar partitions using the constrained Delaunay triangulation
16:00 Coffee break, with a selection of some more Dutch delicacies
16:25 Stefan Langerman (ULB) Every Large Point Set contains Many Collinear Points or an Empty Pentagon
16:50 Maarten Löffler (UU) Connect the Dot: Computing Feed-links with Minimum Dilation [Abstract]
17:15 Closing drinks
18:30 Dinner in downtown Utrecht, at De Eetkamer

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