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Research Day Department Information and Computing Sciences

departmental research day

date Wednesday May 26 2010
time 9:45 -- 17:00
location Boothzaal University Library
after party Drinks and Sticky BBQ in Minnaert building
costs none for employees, € 7,50 for student attending BBQ

On Wednesday May 26, the departmental research day will take place in the Boothzaal of the university library. The program consists of a number of oral and poster presentations, see → for details. The research day is open to employees and students. After the scientific program, Sticky will organize the yearly BBQ.

To make this day a success, we depend on your willingness to attend and to present a research poster. For logistic reasons we need to get an estimation of the number of participants. Therefore, please register no later than May 20, and indicate:

  • whether you attend the scientific program
  • whether you present a poster
  • whether you attend the lunch
  • whether you attend the Sticky BBQ


Please, register for the research day.

Click hereYes, I will attend the Research Day.


Contributions from students attending the BBQ will be collected separately.


9.15 coffee / tea
9.45 opening
10.00 Doaitse Swierstra, Construct your own favourite programming language
10.30 Andres Löh, Types, Universes, and Everything
11.00 poster presentations / coffee / tea
12.00 Marc van Kreveld, Computing with Shapes
12.30 Bas de Haas, Music Retrieval Based on Tonal Harmony
13.00 lunch in Educatorium
14.00 Sjaak Brinkkemper, Research Methodology of Business Informatics
14.30 Inge van de Weerd, Design Research - Developing a Maturity Matrix for Software Product Management ;
Slinger Jansen, Case Study Research - Shades of Gray: Opening up a Software Producing Organization with the Open Software Enterprise Model
15.00 poster presentations / coffee / tea
16.00 Mehdi Dastani, Doing Agent Research
16.30 Maaike Harbers, Explaining Agent Behavior
17.00 leave for Minnaert building
17.30 drinks and barbecue in the upper canteen and the roof terrace of Minnaert building