ECAI 2000 Workshop

Computational Dialectics:

Models of Argumentation, Negotiation and Decision Making

August 22nd 2000
Berlin, Humboldt University

Dear participants: the schedule is here. See you in Berlin.



This workshop is the third of its kind, the first one organised at AAAI'94 in Seattle, and the second one at FAPR'96 in Bonn.


The last ten years have seen a marked increase of interest in inter-agent decision making on the basis of argument and negotiation. This has led to "Computational Dialectics"--an area of AI which investigates computational models of the processes by which groups of natural or artificial agents construct judgement, agreement, or other forms of social choice. Special emphasis lies on methods for recognizing or achieving an outcome in a fair and effective way or to persuade other computational agents to behave in a manner that we want.

High-level protocols for multi-agent rational decision making are expected to become significant conditions for computational cooperation in the 21st century, and it is crucial that both academics and industrialists within Europe have access to a forum at which current research and application issues are presented and discussed. The aim of this workshop is to encourage and support activity in the research and development of multi-agent rational decision making, in both academia and industry.


The proposed workshop will discuss inter-agent argumentation and negotiation protocols as well as approaches that model group decision making processes. The following list contains some (but not necessarily all) of the relevant topics:

The workshop aims to provide a forum for researchers from various fields (multi-agent systems, distributed AI, decision theory, legal reasoning) to identify common interests related to computational dialectics. It will consist of invited talks, paper presentations and a panel. We plan to experiment with a dialectical form of paper presentations: for each paper a proponent and an opponent will give their views of the merits/problems of the presented approach.

Accepted papers are re-produced in the workshop proceedings. The papers that appear in the proceeedings will be considered for subsequent publication in a journal.

Important dates:

22 Aug 2000 Workshop Computational Dialectics

Program committee:

Trevor Bench-Capon, Liverpool; Thomas Gordon, GMD; Hadassah Jakobovits, Brussels; Ron Loui, St. Louis; Simon Parsons, Liverpool; Henry Prakken, Utrecht; Chris Reed, Dundee; Giovanni Sartor, Belfast; Carles Sierra, Barcelona; Katia Sycara, Carnegie Mellon; Bart Verheij, Maastricht.

Organizing committee:

Dr. Gerard Vreeswijk
Utrecht University
Department of Computer Science
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3584 CH Utrecht
phone: +31-50-363 6295
fax: +31-50-363 6160
Prof. Nick Jennings
Dept. of Electronics & Computer Science
University of Southampton
Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK
phone: +44-23-8059 7681
fax: +44-23-8059 3313
Prof. dr. Gerhard Brewka
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University of Leipzig
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