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about Utrecht

The city of Utrecht is more than 1300 years old and may rightly be called the “Heart of The Netherlands” for its central geographical position in the country. The city of Utrecht is an interesting place to visit. It has a very lively atmosphere due to a large student population (about 30.000 students).

The canals in the city-center of Utrecht form a unique attraction. Many of the cellars along the canals contain restaurants and small shops. One can either take a stroll along the canals or use a boat to navigate them. In the evening this area of Utrecht forms a center of nightlife boasting many pubs, clubs, cinemas, theatres, etc.

Probably the most noticeable landmark in Utrecht is the Dom Tower, the tallest and finest church tower in Holland. It is over 600 years old and 112 meters high and can be climbed using 465 steps.

The Academiegebouw, the academic center of the university (in which all official ceremonies of the university take place) is located in a historical building next to the Dom tower. The main room of this building, in which the “Treaty of Utrecht” was signed in 1579, is of special importance as the treaty signified the start of The Netherlands as one state.


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The month of July is high season in The Netherlands (as in most of Europe) with many tourists enjoying the usually nice weather. The average temperature in July is around 22°C. The weather is usually sunny in July, but showers are possible.

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